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We can help!!


...Live Life Well

What you can expect from me

  • You will have my undivided attention during our visits. Our work together is a priority for me.

  • You will be working with someone who stays informed and current regarding board rules.

  • You can expect supervision that is tailored to your needs and strengths.
  • You can expect supervision that is thoughtful and ethical.

  • You will be collaborating with someone who is excited about your work and invested in your progress.

  • You can learn about the ins and outs of building a private practice, if you wish.

  • I am accessible and approachable. I will be available between sessions for consultation for emergencies and other unexpected circumstances, as they arise.

  • I am open to feedback and see our relationship as collaborative. I expect that this relationship will help me to change and evolve, just as it will do the same for you.

  • I do not have all the answers. There will be times when we will sort through things together, to find a solution that fits.

  • I consult regularly with my own colleagues to stay sharp and present in my work with clients and supervisees.

How I can help

I have over 20 years of experience as a counselor and have worked in a variety of settings including schools, in patient hospitals, PHPs, community counseling centers, residential facilities, domestic violence agencies, and private practice. With this varied experience I am able to supervise interns who are placed at off site locations while having some working knowledge of the conditions of their job. 

I have been a supervisor for over 6 years and have worked with dozens of counselors in training. It is my passion to give back what I have learned over the years. I take supervision very personally and dedicate to you my best efforts at helping you feel prepared to become an independent practitioner. 

In order to submit your LPC Internship application you must have a LPC Supervisor and site listed on the forms. As the owner of a private practice, my practice can be your first site. You can continue to look for other off site locations to gain the majority of your hours but it will allow you to begin your licensure process right away. 


I charge a flat fee of $300 for supervision each month. This can be paid at once or in 2 equal payments. This fee includes:

  • individual supervision twice a month at my office (virtual as of May 2020)
  • group supervision twice a month at my office (virtual as of May 2020)
  • consultation as needed for emergencies between appointments
  • feedback on your notes and audiotape of sessions
  • your profile on company website, with opportunities to blog and gain additional exposure online
  • the opportunity to see clients in my private practice 

Join the Licensed Professional Counselor Intern team at Living Well Professional Counseling Services, PLLC

What I expect from you

I am looking for LPC interns who meet the following standards:

  • Are motivated, ethical, introspective, and eager to learn
  • Have knowledge of and respect for the highest ethical counseling standards, as set out in the LPC Code of ethics:
  • Have obtained (or will obtain prior to supervision beginning) Counseling Malpractice insurance
  • Adhere to strict attendance of supervision sessions
  • Have the highest personal reputation for integrity (watch carefully what you post on Facebook)
  • Understand the importance of avoiding dual relationships in counseling
  • Who are interested in learning more about private practice (not a requirement but a plus)

Getting Started

I believe that a good supervision experience starts with a strong relationship!

So I won’t bring anyone into the practice that I haven’t interviewed first.  

This is good for both of us, because it helps us determine if we make a good fit.

I ask that you send me a copy of your resume and a cover letter telling me why you’d like to work with me during your internship, along with a list of 3 references, and your graduate transcript prior to meeting with me.

These references can include employers, practicum supervisors, faculty members, or others who have worked with you closely in your graduate training.

Once I receive these materials, I will be in touch to set up an interview. I do not charge for these meetings.

If you have a question or would like more information, simply email me.

I want your internship to be a positive experience for you. Let me know how I can help.

I currently have 0 openings for interns. Contact me today as space is limited! (As of 2/2019)