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...Live Life Well


This event will challenge individuals to get laser-focus, set attainable goals, and execute with maximum effectiveness to see life visions FULFILLED 90 days at a time! This is a Vision Board Party you won't want to miss!!

  • Why a Vision Board? Many of us are visual learners. And the more we SEE something the more we can actually SEE ourselves doing that very thing!! So a vision board becomes your physical reminder of what you want to SEE happen in your life!!

  • Studies show that the more times you succeed at something the longer your brain stores the information that helped you succeed in the first place.

  • This is why the experience of SMALL WINS can propel you to even bigger success.

  • What is a vision without execution? Merely a daydream unfulfilled. 

  • Are you stuck in between the big vision in your head and HOW to get it from your head to reality? 

  • Do you struggle with the big C--Committment or the big D--Discipline? Come found out how to tackle and CONQUER them both!

  • It's time to stop living life half-realized and step into LIVING LIFE WELL!!

  • A one-year vision board will not help you realize your dreams if you haven't focused when setting the goals and they aren't clearly articulated. 

Join me to learn

  • How to SET GOALS your brain likes
  • Create a ROADMAP for your subconscious mind
  • Achieve success through SHORT-TERM goals
  • How to CONQUER your lack of commitment and discipline
  • How to GET YOUR LIFE! and Live Life Well 

Cost: $69 $40 (holiday special pricing) includes 2 hours of power-packed visioning, vision board materials for creation of your 90 day vision board, laser-focus action plan for maximum execution, networking, empowerment, lite bites, and a 90 Day Journal

Is this event for you?---YES!!

This is for you no matter what type of visions you have for your, personal, physical, mental, family or spiritual. It's for you if you are a stay at home mom, a professional, a teacher, a minister, a student, unemployed, etc. If you have a vision or if you need one let me help you GET YOUR LIFE!! 

Just in time for the NEW YEAR!!

NEXT CLASS DATE IS THURSDAY, DEC 29TH 12-2 or 530-730 pm.