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Get Your Life: The 90 Day Journal 2nd Edition


Take the 90 Day Challenge:


Why 90 Days of Journaling? This is the perfect amount of time to Get Your Life! Making a 90 day plan and focusing on it daily through journaling will create an opportunity for you to have several victories in a shorter period of time, moving you closer to your ultimate goal of having the life you want! When we stretch goals out too far we are less likely to reach them, therefore having them narrowed in a shorter period of time creates an increased likelihood for success.


Make the next 90 days of your life count. Commit to the process of journaling daily in efforts to begin to see your life open up possibilities you never knew could exist. This journal will walk you through each day and keep you encouraged to the end.


Preorder this journal before it comes out and save $5. Offer valid until June 24th. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of book after June 25th. 

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